How to Throw a Fancy Birthday Party?

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How to Throw a Fancy Birthday Party?

Throwing a birthday party is no cake walk especially if you intend for it to be super fancy looking and feeling. But there are some amazingly easy to do ideas that will make any birthday party impressive and elaborate. These 10 hacks will get your guests gushing over your party very soon.

Color Coordination

It works like magic when you color coordinate your party. Pick any two colors or just one color that suits the theme of your party and try to incorporate every party accessory and even the dress code of your party in that color. If you have picked Pink and Silver, then arrange for all pink and silver balloons, table cloths that are pink, pink and silver paper plates and cutleries, etc. This will set the overall look of your party and make it super stylish and chic.

A Cake Stage

Make an effort to create a separate table where you will place the Birthday Cake. This stage will garn all the attention and to do that, you need to make it pop up. First of all cover this table with a pretty tablecloth that will be the same color you have decided to theme it all on. You can sprinkle glitter on top of the cloth to add a fancy touch to it. Include party accessories like pop ups, colorful candy jars or mini dessert plates, etc. All these will make the Cake Stage attention grabbing.

Fancy Serving Bowls

By fancy, I do not mean expensive to start with. Just arrange for serving bowls that look fancy and quirky. They can be of plastic or even paper but either color coordinated or super funky in designs.

Great Music

No matter how amazing the party looks, the heart and soul of your birthday party will lie on the music that you play. First and foremost, make sure you have a fairly adequate source of playing music that will not play funny. Secondly, chose a play list from beforehand so you do not need changing songs in the middle of the party. Thirdly, pick songs that suit the mood of the party and also what most of your guests will like and not something only you will tap your feet to. And lastly, avoid over loud music. This usually is only fun when we go out clubbing otherwise in birthday parties, most people enjoy chatting with each other along with light music.

Fun Games

Arrange for interesting games that everyone can indulge in. This way the party will be engaging all the time and there is no risk of your guests being bored. Do not just go for traditional party games like “Spin The Bottle”, think out of the box a little bit.

Right Food and Drinks

This is actually the most important aspect of throwing a great birthday party. If your food and drink does not speak to your guests, they will never want to come back. Great food and drink does not only mean tasty food and drinks, planning of what food to serve should really be well thought before. If you are arranging for a party where everyone will be standing and dancing all the time, then do not serve food that needs a fork and a knife to eat like steak or roast chicken. In simple words, think of how your guests will eat what you are serving.

Moreover, never serve red wine when guests are walking around and there is a dance floor set up. We all know what happens when we spill red wine on our clothes!


Coming back to food, avoid serving food that have higher chances of people being allergic to like mushroom or peanuts. The wisest thing to do here is to send your food menu to your guests prior to the party on the invitation and get an approval. This way you can alter your plans and finally serve food that everyone will enjoy.

A “Sign-It” For Birthday Wishes

You can purchase these “sign-it” boards or even make one yourself. Just arrange for a small size white board and hang it somewhere on the party venue. You can get guests to sign it with birthday wishes for the birthday person. It is sweet and a perfect way to seal this day as a memory.






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