About Us

What is Revlox.com?

A digital magazine with entertainment and frolic written all over it. It is a magazine that features articles on various categories that are relevant in our daily lives. From latest movie reviews and updates to interesting book suggestions, DIY craft ideas and skin care routines, makeup product reviews and unique dinner recipes; Revlox is a helping hand. A site that features fascinating real photographs and fictional stories and poems to read. It is also a platform that accepts anyone and everyone’s content. Revlox.com is a magazine marvel.


Why Revlox.com?

Variety is the spice of life and so is Revlox in Internet life. Revlox is less professional and more relatable with its tongue-in-cheek humor and easy-to-understand language. No hidden contents, everything is upfront, well arranged and user friendly. The site has an interactive style posing our team as more of a community than just a website.


We Prioritize Readers

We as a team prioritize the readers and believe that the best people to have great content are the viewers. Therefore, we have an open source to anyone who has anything interesting that fits in any of our categories and wants to submit an article. The article has to be approved by our team and if successful will be published with the name of the content creator consulting necessary editing if needed.


Feedback? We Are Listening

Revlox.com also focuses on the opinions of the viewers. We are open to suggestions and ideas to improve our website. Anyone with sensible viewpoints and recommendations can email us. Interaction is the mantra for every article, comment away, email us, drop a message, ask for advice, we will get back.


Change is the Only Constant

We believe change is the only constant; hence we are always trying to innovate the site with something new. Updating format, style and addition of new categories are a constant. Revlox believes in renovating, keeping the popular content steady. Wherever we stand now, we will be bigger and better with time.


Our Motive?

The main interest of Revlox lies in entertainment with a spoon of something useful for everyone out there. We are happy as long as you are happy and entertained.