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  1. Prelude

Access to or use of Revlox.com (the site https://www.revlox.com) or any other services (following revlox.com) are bounded by the terms and conditions mentioned in this page. It is advised to read the terms or conditions carefully before engaging with the contents of this site. Viewing or using this site would be considered that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with the standards of rules and regulations outlined in the terms and conditions. Agreeing to the terms and conditions means that a legal binding contract is constituted between you and revlox.com. Recommendation upon not agreeing with the terms and conditions is to cease oneself from using the site.



  1. Definitions

In the “disclaimer”, “terms and conditions” and “privacy” section, the terms “we”, “our” and “us” are indicating revlox.com or the authority of revlox.com. A reference to one “gender, race or ethnicity” does not necessarily mean discriminatory reference to the others. The term “content” describes all the words, images, videos, links or references used in the website. The term “you” indicates the user of the website, be it a person, group, organization or entity.



  1. Service Description

The service and the website is operated by revlox.com and its authority. Revlox.com holds the rights for all its contents, licenses, advertisements and permissions.



  1. Access

You must access the website with your own precaution so that you are not exposed to online threats such as spam, virus, malicious content or other harmful software.



  1. Content

The information provided is believed to be correct at the published time. Still the accuracy and adequacy of the contributions are not guaranteed. Opinions expressed in the articles are completely subjected to the individual authors and not necessarily express our opinions or policies. (If any) Models used for illustrative purposes should be no presumption of sexual orientation. Any articles about racial, religious, political and gender issue is opinion only and aimed for entertainment with no discriminatory intention. The content are believed to be an original work and not copied directly or indirectly from any other source without proper permission and referencing.



  1. Contributors

Most of the contributors are independent authors with own choice of content, writing style and freedom. Most of the opinions, data and statistics are results of independent research with references and no direct links to revlox.com.



  1. Intellectual Property and Copyright

All content included in the website like words, text, logos, graphics, audio, icons, images, videos, software and compilations are the property of revlox.com. The properties of revlox.com are all protected by International law and treaties, which protects intellectual copyright and proprietary rights. Every independent contributor owns the copyright to all of his or her own original content. The content is made available in revlox.com by accordance with certain copyright rights and permissions taken from the rightful contributor. You must not acquire or reproduce any of the intellectual contents without the permission of publication’s lawful owner. Revlox.com does not provide any external or internal license for use of any intellectual property.



  1. Modification

Revlox.com holds the right to modify or edit or remove any article at any instance without proper notice. All the articles or content submitted in revlox.com are subjected to pass a mandatory approval by the editor. Though revlox.com is not liable for any modification by any third party in their content.



  1. Data usage

You are responsible for any data charges that may occur. We recommend a stable connection for streaming video without buffering.



  1. Linking Websites

If you follow any links, advertisement or affiliate links from revlox.com, we do not hold any responsibility about the external website or its contents. Content, privacy policy, security of any external websites is not in the control of revlox.com. The links are not to be considered as recommended or endorsed by us.



  1. Advertisement

Advertisements on the site is based solely on the advertiser, revlox.com do not promote and is not liable about any brands or product that is advertised. An advertiser is a separate legal entity and we do not verify any claim, conditions, representation, quality or warranties. We are not liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer for dealing with the advertiser in our publication.



  1. Social Media

Revlox.com operates with respect to the policies of each individual social media it uses. Commenting on articles in the website or in the promoting pages of social media accounts revlox.com also abides by its own rules and regulations. No disrespecting, discrimination or harassment of any kind is tolerated any instance. Any user maybe be blocked for unethical or threatening activity after one warning.



  1. Contact

Revlox.com wont get in touch with you unless you provide permission to do so. We will not send any mails except from e-mails such as “xxx@revlox.com”. Subscription mails can be opted out from at any time. For any queries, problems or support just click on the contact us and shoot us a mail.



  1. Limitation of Liabilities

As explained in the “disclaimer” section, revlox.com will not be liable for any loss or damage caused due to the usage or following of the website. Revlox.com does not guarantee the authenticity or reliability of any articles, any brands or product mentioned in the website. We do not endorse any brands or products.



  1. Happy Surfing

The main aim for revlox.com is to entertain our readers. Hope you enjoy your stay at out site. Happy surfing.