3 Reasons Why Lost is One of the Greatest TV Show of All Time

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3 Reasons Why Lost is One of the Greatest TV Show of All Time

Lost is an awesome TV show with extreme level of thrill, twists, interesting characters & amazing plot. I have watched the whole series (full 6 seasons) and not a single episode is there which didn’t entertain me. All episodes of the whole series are directed with taking care about small things which cannot be imagined when we see the later episodes. Sometimes you will be thrilled, some scenes will make you cry. But you will enjoy the adventure packed joyride with the fantastic characters.

  • If you like TV shows with action & adventure, you will like LOST.
  • If you like TV shows with complex characters and interactions, you will like LOST.
  • If you like TV shows with drama, mystery, and suspense, you will like LOST.
  • If you like TV shows with humor, you will like LOST.

The every season of Lost was amazing! They kept you entertained all the while being intrigued and often times confused, but in a good way. The series gets a little weird towards the end, but you can’t help but love it. What made it one of the best TV shows of all time? Some of the facts are following:

Appropriate casting according to the characters:

Audience fell in love with so many characters on this show. Evangeline Lilly was the complex criminal given a break, Dominic Monaghan the washed-up drug addict, Josh Holloway the rugged con man, and Terry O’Quinn the downtrodden paraplegic who could miraculously walk again. You will fall in love so fast with some of them that all you want is the best for them no matter what the circumstances are.

This is one of the most emotional show:

Close by adoration, Lost was about misfortune. There were few of the Oceanic 815 passengers and island occupants left when Lost bowed out, as one by one, we sobbed as they kicked the bucket.


6 Exciting Seasons:

Each season, the show figured out how to drop jaws with awe-inspiring cliffhangers. Before the world pondered “Who did Negan kill?” or “Is Jon Snow really dead?” the inquiries of “What’s in the hatch?” and “Where did Michael and Walt go on that boat?” were the most sizzling themes and fans adored it.

While the finale was inarguably controversial, it was valiant and finished up the tale of LOST in delightful design.

In the event that there was one mantra LOST gladly lived by, it was the famous expression John Locke articulated in the fourth episode: “Don’t ever tell me what I can’t do.”

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