Things You Should Never Ever Post On Social Media

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Things You Should Never Ever Post On Social Media

How many of you think twice before posting on the Internet? Can’t relate?

Well, with Snapchat, Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter and every other social media platform, it is quite challenging to keep our life a secret. So, even when you think that you’re safe through privacy, you are not.

Once it’s on the Internet, you lose control over it and that it can also be used against you in the near future.

This is particularly important in case you’re looking for a job. Your future employers might not be able to access your private posts, but eventually, you will add your colleagues as future friends. That’s when they will have access to your stuff.

The key is to keep it as clean as possible.

With that in mind, we have listed a number of factors that you shouldn’t post on social media:

Your Next Vacation:

Did someone mention a vacation? Hell yes, we did!

That’s how excited we get when we contemplate about our upcoming vacation. However, keep it in mind, never to post the dates of your holiday. Thieves will always keep an eye on potential social media accounts; it’s that easy. The moment you post that you are or will be away from home, your home becomes a target.

Images and Videos Of Your Friends Without Their Permission:

Always remember the rule of thumb: never to post pictures or videos of others without their permission. And if the image contains anything questionable or funny, it’s a BIG NO!

Your timeline is strictly for your use with a set of your selected contacts and reach. While you might be comfortable having pictures of others on your account, your friends might not be. You must respect the privacy of others; it will save you from a lot of trouble.

Pictures of Credit Card, Lottery Tickets, Money or Any ID Card:

Looking for a way to boast your new ‘platinum card’? Well, social media is not the way. Posting the simplest detail about any of your ID cards, debit/credit card or money – even when it’s blurred is an open invitation to cyber thieves. The barcodes of the ticket can still be scanned and used at their end. Many lottery winners have significantly lost in this way.


Screenshots are horrendous. Revealing private conversations is rampant in social media. Why would you want to show the world about how much you love your boyfriend or how close you are to your best friend. Sharing a screenshot is like crossing the line. Private stuff should always remain private.

Improper Images:

Now what you consider to proper might not be socially acceptable. For instance, posting pictures of you in your underwear on your bed, or you and your partner cuddling on your couch are not cool. They all look perfect inside the bedroom. Keep those pictures for private time. Share it with your partner and keep the world out of it. Always differentiate between private and public.

Inappropriate Jokes:

Jokes relating to a particular race, gender and body are cheap, period. There’s no argument after that. Not everyone has the same taste as you in creepy joke although no one would tell that to you on your face.

People who post or share such creepy and sexist jokes end up being avoided, unfriended or blocked. Don’t become a drama queen over the Internet!

Anything Copyrighted:

If you’re using a picture or a text that is not yours, make sure to credit the person. Make sure that you have the right to use it, in the first place. If an image contains a watermark, never crop or remove it. If you share some verses or texts from a book that the authors have not permitted you to, you might land into some serious trouble.

Pictures of Funerals or Sacred Places:

This is a sensitive topic. You must never post pictures of funerals in social media. There’s no purpose of it. Whether you believe it or not but sending depressing feed over the Internet does hurt sentiments. Avoid posting any such pictures. Plus, if a place requests no photo, respect the instruction.


Just got into a heartbreaking argument with someone? That’s okay, that’s a part of life. But social media is not the place where you can vent it out. Making this quarrel public will not give you any solution. While many wouldn’t care, some toxic people would enjoy it. Some way or the other, try to figure out the toxic people in your life and keep them away from you.

News of Other People:

You might be overjoyed by your friend getting engaged, and your intentions might also be useful, but hang on! Let them announce their big news. Whether its marriage, pregnancy, job or a new house, let them do it on their own. It’s not about the intent; it’s about keeping the fine line.


Rumours are cruel. Spreading them through social media is even worse. Any gossip, guesswork or false information shared through social media is shameful and can get you into serious trouble. Anything that you post on social media, even after you have deleted, it can be used against you in the near future.

Complains Against Boss and Colleagues:

Ranting your office complains over social media will have a severe impact on your career. Your social media profiles are regularly being checked by the organization your work, without your knowledge. And if you have just applied for a new job, high chances that the company would do a background check on you through your social media profile. This is to check on what you post over the Internet and that you do not sabotage your career.

Pictures of Your Party and Hangovers:

It feels good to boast once you’ve had a good time. However, would your party pictures add to your career or otherwise? Many companies today do want to know well on who they are employing and how their lifestyle is. So, do take a look at yourself from the company’s point of view.

Political Rants:

Political posts are excellent, but some opinions can get easily controversial, even if you’re sharing cartoons. The issue might get sensitive, and that may call in for a lot of uncalled debate. Try to be mild when expressing your political view. Don’t go on attacking people, only to hurt their views.

Picture of Your Kids:

Your kids are cute, but before you post their photos online, do take note of your child’s security. Also, remember that they will be seeing those pictures in a few years. They wouldn’t like their naked, embarrassing pictures on their parents’ profiles. Never shame your kids on social media. And do not talk about their grades either.

On the other hand, if the kid is not yours, never post their pictures without their parents or guardian’s permission. If the parents seem reluctant, never push them.

Selfies and Selfies:

The people in your friend list will eventually get bored with your selfies regardless of how good you look. The same face almost every day does not make their day interesting. It’s a narcissistic and self-absorbed behaviour that will make them want to avoid you.

Why Is Sharing Too Much Over Social Media Dangerous?

Social media is tempting. You will see how your friends are boasting about their new house, car, bank balance, Starbucks coffee and whatnot. People will draw their impressions on what you post on social media. It’s just a reflection of your life.

Always remember, not to tell too much about yourself to the world through social media. You’re going to become vulnerable in the world’s eyes. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to do it too. You don’t need to post your personal life on a public platform.

Do not forget your daily manners with the use of social media. Just don’t become a self-centred freak. Be courteous, friendly and most importantly, be wise.

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