A Tribute to the Prince of Cricket: Yuvraj Singh

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A Tribute to the Prince of Cricket: Yuvraj Singh

The Prince of Cricket

“Yuvraj” the name itself translate as “Prince”. Not only in the name he is also the Prince of world cricket. Wonder where to start this boy’s story. With 8,701 runs, 111 wickets in ODIs and 1,177 runs, 28 wickets in T20Is, Yuvraj Singh is one of the greatest all-rounders of all times, finishing 40 Tests, 304 ODIs and 58 T20Is. The Prince Yuvraj retires today from all forms of cricket.

Yuvraj is one of the most aggressive left-hand batsmen in the world cricket. In a match of 2007 T-20 world cup he showed the world why he is the prince after hitting six 6s in one over or six balls. On that day, Yuvraj decided to serve his country and rained sixes in the T20 World Cup to lift that shiny golden trophy of ICC. He could well adjust with his peers, from walking hand in hand with “Dada Saurav Ganguly” to his friend “M.S. Dhoni” to being a mentor to this generation’s “Virat Kohli.”


The Reign of the Prince

If you want to talk about Yuvraj, then you will have to recall the ICC World Cup 2011. If Sachin Tendulkar was a king, Yuvraj is the chief commander. Without whose heroism and power, winning was impossible. The boy who was a significant person to fulfill the incomplete quest of winning world cup for the King of Cricket Sachin, is Yuvraj. He was also crowned as the man of the tournament in 2015 World Cup. If Yuvraj did not stand against the mighty Australia that day, then the dream of a hundred crore Indians would have been crushed.

Do you know what was written on the paper next day? A lion with Yuvraj’s vision in a similar position from the World Cup match ground glorifying the Prince as a true lion. That newspaper headline is still on the eyes of many sports lovers… “#Yuvraj’swartriumph.”


The War

War, is it not? Fighting for the sake of the country keeping life at stake. After every match of the world cup, he used to vomit on the sink in the dressing room. No one knew. He was not very expressive, nor he used to share his own sufferings with others. He still did not leave the field when he finally bled while playing. Yes, that is how much the cup means. Even now when we look at the smiling faces of the 2011 World Cup winners, we can see one smile which was purified with blood.

Got diagnosed with lung cancer. Death was calling him repeatedly. Nope! He did not learn to give up without a fight. He finally won with the disease in an indomitable fight.  The whole India was praying for him, he was not alone. Can so many prayers go astray? And during his sufferings, his father finally accepted him as a cricketer. His father who never wanted him to be a cricketer, finally saw what he meant to the whole of India. Victory with cancer did not come easy, but he snatched it with his strength, courage and power in a true Yuvraj style.


Never Give Up

After returning from the death battle, his body weight increased excessively. His sportsman spirit was destroyed. An indomitable fight again. Another war with the weight of his own body. Back again into the blue shirts. Everyone looked at his bat in the 2014 world cup final. But he had to depart with only 11 runs from 23 balls. Cancer just not only wrecked his body but also messed his career up. The prince was blamed for the loss across the country.

Desperate to prove himself he continued his fight with just one aim, to play for the World Cup 2015. But the plane flew away without him for Australia. Who will understand the burden of the hidden sorrow he had to carry that night? India did not get the second world cup under the leadership of Dhoni. Dhoni battled that day at the semi-finals till his last breath but the prince of cricket was not there with him to save the day.


Still Worthy

He was not among the ones who gave up his dream to play for the blue shirt again. Finally, the call came for a one-day game against England but this time under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. He was physically challenging himself in every delivery. Runs were coming from his bat and he became a victim of umpire’s mistake at 88/89 runs. The review saved him called in from the other end by Dhoni. Next thing you know is he opened the helmet and raised his bat in the air to celebrate his century. He placed his palm on his chest and said to himself “I am still worthy!” He then went on to cross the 150 mark. That is the last domination from the bat of the prince. That’s the end of the fight with Dhoni by his shoulder; that’s the last headline. “The English under the two Singhs’ domination.”


End of a Legacy

It is hard to accept the fact that no franchises are willing to bid for him anymore in IPL. Even when they do, they are not willing to let him into the playing XI. He just observed from the sidelines. He observed the change of times, the future of IPL, the transition of Indian Cricket. Even today when he sees an aggressive bowling against the blues, his fingers itche to lift the bat up once more. Today from the pavilion he looks at the sky and whispers “today, I don’t have the right to stop them.”

Today, when you retire, dear Yuvraj Singh, you shall know, the world has and will continue to have great all-rounders but they all learn and will have to learn the spirit to fight from the Prince of Cricket, You.


Tributes All Around

As the news broke down of Yuvraj Singh retiring, his former and present team mates show their tributes.

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