Why did Kylie Jenner delete all her Instagram pictures of baby Stormi?

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Why did Kylie Jenner delete all her Instagram pictures of baby Stormi?

The Kardashian-Jenner industrial complex has always been a limelight for millennials around the world. Girls all around the world are dearly fond of Kylie Jenner and her makeup products. Jenner has been the hottest makeup icon among a lot of girls, her beauty has mesmerized so many! With millions of followers over different social media platforms, Jenner has become even more famous over time.
While a lot of girls want to have the same exact dress and makeup of Kylie Jenner, others dream of having her lavish life. Last year when few sources spilt that Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott together are expecting their first child, there were many other rumours associated with it. Finally, in February 2018, Kylie announced her baby’s birth! After months of silence, she had finally spoken up about giving birth to a lovely daughter on February 1, 2018. After her daughter’s birth, she had uploaded lots of pictures of their bonding time. Those photos were simply sweet and adorable for one’s eyes. She is a true treasure for Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scoot. Recently, she took a big U-turn by deleting all of it from all over her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Read ahead to know the reason why:

Kylie’s Pregnancy

There are celebrities around the globe for whom pregnancy before marriage might not be a big deal! However, for the Kardashian-Jenner family, this was totally confusing! After all, they are all international superstars and Kylie too belongs to one of the renowned star family in the USA. This incident left them speechless! Since they share every little detail about their lives on social media, whether it’s on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. This news did not come off as an update from the family.

Timeline of Her Pregnancy

Kylie was first seen in public with her baby bump in September 2017 and weeks later, quite a few “sources” leaked that she and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter is expecting their first child. Oh my god, it was hard to believe that and was a heck of shocking news for everyone! Although later Kim Kardashian slammed down rumours and shut down any report that she thought was edible. Meanwhile, Kylie’s Instagram and Snapchat account turned all pink, which was believed to be a hint of her baby girl. When Kylie broke her silence, she claimed that paparazzi photos were edited to make her look as if she’s pregnant. This was like the very first time she ever commented about her pregnancy rumours. Later that week, she threw her all pink baby shower at the backyard of her house where her best friend Jordyn Wood, Anastasia Karanikolaou, Yris Palmer and a few others were present. Among all the suspense, another new suspense was created when Kylie wasn’t seen appearing in the 25 days of Christmas Kardashian-Jenner family photos. Finally, she announced her baby birth in February, something that her fans and the media had been anticipated to hear about.

Where Was Travis Scott?

The 25-old rapper had been low-key and had his last volunteer gig on November at Houston City Wide Clubs Turkey Drive. In August, he had revealed that he was going to hide to work on music on another level. Teased since then, the music is yet to be given a proper release date. Although it is expected to get its release this year.
When the baby girl was finally born, he had the cutest reaction a newly-father could ever have! On his Twitter account, he posted his joy to his followers about the new addition to his life. He wrote “2.2.18, 4 ever, New rager in town!!!” marking the birthday of his lovely little daughter.

Kardashian’s Reaction to Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

It is absolutely heartwarming on how the Kardashian’s showed their support for Kylie. As Kylie remained out of the spotlight all throughout the time, she posted a detailed statement regarding her pregnancy. Minutes later, Kim K. and Kendall Jenner had both shared the message on Twitter to show support to their sister, Kylie. Khloé Kardashian, who herself was expecting at that time with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, published a sweet Twitter message of her own. While Kris Jenner tweeted a congratulations speech in addition to reacting Kylie’s social media announcements. The Kardashian-Jenner family had dropped quite a lot of hints in the past several months, supporting the exciting time for Kylie through their social media activities. It’s clear that the family was looking forward to having Kylie’s baby!

Why Did She Delete Stormi’s Photos?

At last, when Kylie finally gave birth to her first child she named her cute little baby girl Stormi. As a young mom, Kylie is very sensitive. While her fans and followers are insensitive. Some of her fans posted some really nasty comments on her Instagram page about her newborn doll which made the hot mommy heartrending. Kylie felt overprotective of her daughter even when she was pregnant and was careful enough not to appear in public or post photos during her pregnancy days. She avoided photo shoots and media gathering but after Stormi was born, she couldn’t resist but beam with pride. She was eagerly waiting to show Stormi to the world. Unfortunately, the young mum was not aware that the social media is such a crazy place.
On June 4 2018, inexplicably, Kylie removed all photos of her baby girl which showed her face. She never thought that her fans would collage pictures of baby Stormi with that of her bodyguard to show how much alike they look! That’s what is termed as ‘cyberbullying’ right? She felt humiliated and did not want her daughter’s picture to be a part of anything negative. On another note, news also had that Kylie was threatened to kidnap her 4-month-old baby by some fans.
By being a protective and sensible mother Kylie, at last, decided not to post any pictures of Stormi on social media. On further pictures she posts, she hinted that her baby’s face would be cropped out.

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