5 Ways To Make A Great Impression Among Your Workmates On Your First Day

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5 Ways To Make A Great Impression Among Your Workmates On Your First Day

First days of your new job can be equally exhilarating and nerve wrecking. As much driven and dedicated we try to be on the first day, we also simultaneously try to get along with colleagues. Creating a great impression is quite vital to have an easy-going and friendly working environment in the long run. So, without beating around the bush, let’s get straight to the point.


  1. Make an Effort to Get to Know Everyone

Make an effort to personally introduce yourself to everyone and get to know them a tad. If it’s a big office, may be just workmates in your department. Yes, you will have to break free off your taciturn nature and get out there to talk to everyone.


  1. Try to Remember Names

Most people on their first day of work hardly remember names especially because of an overthinking busy mind state that they stay in. So, if you can pull this off, that is remembering names, it will leave a very positive impression. Again, if it’s a lot of people, then just your immediate co-workers who you will share most of the work life with.


  1. Be Chatty But Not Talkative

It is great to be chatty and not very reserved on your first day. The more conversations you have with your colleagues, the better they will get to know you. Ask questions related to work mostly but also talk about the rest of the beautiful world. However, try to draw a line between being a great conversationalist and an irritating talkative person who is least interested to work. In simple words, strike up a balance. Indulge in the Work and a little bit of Play too.


  1. Be Relatable

This is a major useful tip trust me. While making conversations, try to find a ground to be somewhat relatable to your peers on various opinions or subjects. It can be a common streak of hating romantic comedies or confessing about mutual guilty pleasures, etc. It is definitely not possible to be relatable to everyone, which will simply make you a clone of your workmates or bring out your desperation to fit in. So, instead of faking anything, just try to find a topic where you can be relatable to them, staying true to your character.


  1. Hold on to Your Individuality

In the process of being relatable, again do not become a spitting image of your workmates. Hold on to your individuality and try to showcase your stimulating views and choices. This makes a lasting impression and makes you stand out. It could be a recent movie that left you moved that you could talk about or hilarious anecdotes of yourself that are worth sharing. Bring out the uniqueness in you just not the weirdness.


First days can be difficult definitely but confidence and optimism will sail your boat. Just remember, your first days are not your last days and neither are they your last chance to shine. Many more chances will be waiting for you.










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