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March 2, 2020
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Hair Fall Remedies

Are you a victim of bad hair fall all of a sudden? Or someone who battles with hair loss problem on a regular basis? Well you are obviously not alone in this miserable journey for salvation. As women one of the major and most common hair problems that we face is hair breakage.

One of the crucial reasons behind this is increased stress level. Therefore, before jumping into any other physical remedies for hair fall, all you beautiful girls will have to try and reduce your stress levels, which work wonders when it comes to hair fall.

Reduce Heat Applications

One of the core causes of hair fall is over application of heat on your hair, like hair straighteners, curlers or blow dryers. I know that for some of us, omitting blow-drying or a flat iron is near to impossible. So, the trick is to alternate. If you’re using a flat iron, then try to air-dry your hair and not blow dry. Or if you’re blow-drying, avoid using any other hair straighteners. In simple words, use one heat product at a time.  And please try to reduce overall usage of these products.


Use a Heat Protectant Spray

I cannot begin to stress the importance of this enough. It is extremely necessary to use Heat Protectant Sprays before you apply any of the heat products like a blow-drier or a flat iron. Heat Protectant Sprays provide a layer of protection on your hair from excessive heat damaging it. These are easily available in stores and affordable too.


Get Rid of Split Ends

A lot of the times, when you suddenly start experiencing heavy hair fall, it is usually a way your hair notifies you that you need a trim. Did you know that split ends are one of the root causes of hair fall? So, when you have obvious split ends, immediately get a trim and it will surely reduce your hair fall.


Avoid Hot Water

Avoid washing your hair with hot water completely. It might be relaxing but it results in hair breakage. In fact sometimes cold water can be brittle too so the best way is to wash your hair with normal water which is the room temperature water.


Do Not Wash Tangled Hair

This is another disaster when it comes to increased hair fall. Some of our hair has a tendency to get tangled very easily and we struggle to always keep it tangle free. And we surely can make it worse by washing it in a tangled state. This leads to immediate hair breakage. So, comb your hair well before washing it.


Use a Detangler

Stressing over point 5, hair fall and tangled hair kind of go hand in hand. Instead of using normal hairbrush or a comb, use a detangler, which is unbelievably healthy for blood circulation and hair growth too. Most importantly, it keeps your hair tangle free, reducing hair fall.


Egg Hair Pack

Hair fall is usually heavy when our roots become weak and this happens due to lack of hair protein. And eggs are an amazing source of hair protein that makes our roots stronger. You can simply apply 1 whole egg on your scalp and on your hair length, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with a shampoo. Alternately you can a make quick hair protein pack with egg and vinegar. Check out the process here (https://revlox.com/health/super-easy-hair-hacks-that-are-lifesavers/).

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