5 things You Must Follow If You Apply Nail Polish Regularly

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February 27, 2020
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5 things You Must Follow If You Apply Nail Polish Regularly

If you are somebody who is a nail polish lover and applies nail colors every week or even more than that, then these cautions or hacks are something you must swear by to reduce all the harmful effects you nails are battling with.

1. Use an Acetone Free Remover

Firstly, when we apply nail polish regularly, more than the nail polish, it is actually the remover solution that harms our nails. The nail polish removers are acidic of course, which does impact our nails negatively. Regular usage makes it worse and ruins our nail enamels.

Acetone particularly does this the most so it is best to use nail polish removers that are Acetone free. You will need to use Gel removers when you have applied glitter nail colors or other sturdier ones. But for normal nail colors every day it is adequate enough to use an Acetone Free remover.

2. Use separate Base and Top Coats

Applying a base coat before you apply your nail color is a must for the wellbeing of your nails. However, there are some coats, which are two-in-one. Basically both the top and base coats in one bottle. Guys, stay away from those because a base coat protects your nails and a topcoat provides a layer for the nail color to last longer. How can these two serving different purposes be in one bottle? It does not make sense to me at least. So all you beautiful people use separate Base and Topcoats for you nails.

3. Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oils made of vegetable oils can be found in nail polish bottles in stores. These keep your cuticles healthy and using this regularly really helps improve chapped and dry cuticles and nails.

4. Moisturize your nails

I cannot begin to stress how important this point is, moisturizing your nails regularly. Firstly, use a separate hand or nail cream for your nails. In fact carry one in your handbag if possible. Not only our hands but also our nails need adequate moisturizing too. Secondly, other than the normal applications of hand creams on nails, the most vital time to moisturize your nails is after you have used a nail polish remover. Wash your nails immediately with a hand wash after you have applied a nail polish remover and then use a nail or hand cream to moisturize your nails.

5. Do not sit under a fan to dry your nail polish

I think a lot of us do this and we think the fan will dry it quicker. It does dry it but it also creates bubbles in your nail polish and makes it worse. So, just normally sit and relax and let it air-dry without a fan.

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