How To Save Money in a Trip

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How To Save Money in a Trip

We all love taking a holiday or a trip somewhere exotic, in the mountains, beach or in a historical place. While many of us love spending during a trip, a lot of us like to save while enjoying to the fullest.  Here are some super helpful tips on how to save money in a trip.

1.Prioritize Your Interests

Some of us want to shop overboard and some of us like to indulge in food everywhere. So, in simple words decide what is your priority. Are you going to indulge in shopping mainly because Bangkok has extremely affordable accessories or are you going to invest in all the delicious food of the Indian lands? Plan before your holiday and then spend according to your priority.

2.Observe First and Then Shop

When it comes to shopping during a trip, one of the main mishaps we end up doing is randomly liking something and immediately buying it. The regret hits us when we see something better somewhere else at a cheaper price. So, the smart thing to do here is just keep observing with your eyes on the first go and note down the stuff you liked and where. After you have had a judge of what is where and at what price, you can start buying the staff you want with the correct price.

3.Never Dine in the Hotel

If you’re staying at a fancy hotel, avoid dining in or eating there at all. Most hotel restaurants are extremely over priced. Besides, the beauty of a place can only be enjoyed if you dine in around the local food places, which are usually cheaper.

4.Research Before Sight Seeing

A lot of us simply ask the reception about the museums or sight seeing options and end up paying $50 entry fee for something we did not even enjoy. So, to avoid that disappointment, know where you are going and research a little bit about the historical place you are visiting or the Botanical Garden and ask yourself, “Are you going to enjoy something like that?” Just because something is famous does not mean you have to spend money to see it, you have to know if that is something you will enjoy or not.

5.Walk More

Why call an Uber to the nearest shopping mall? Just walk there. Try to walk more to your destinations than relying on Ubers or Taxis. Other than the fact that you will save tons of money, there is no better way to explore a new place than walking.

6.Minimise on Souvenirs

If you are not one of those who love hoarding souvenirs, then please avoid shopping souvenirs for your friends and family. Souvenirs are usually quite pricy in most places and there is more useful stuff, which you can buy as presents for your loved ones. Souvenirs will just be a showpiece at the end of the day.

7.Don’t Buy Things You Can’t Pack

Did you grab a lovely Glass wind chime? What if while packing it, it breaks? Think about the stuff you buy. The size can be an obstacle in your luggage or the make of the product can be brittle too pack. The last thing you want is to leave a bunch of the stuff behind that you shopped because you could not pack them.

8. Read the Food Menu

When you are ordering food, try to read the menu and be aware of what you are going to eat without solely relying on the popularity of a dish. This will save money and food!

9. Carry Your Water

Carry your water with you 24/7. This is a must not only for your health but also when it comes to saving tiny bits of money buying drinks everywhere.






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